Mahatta Multimedia


Mahatta Multimedia is one of the leading players in the business of providing creative media licenses, be it for images (creative or editorial), illustrations or video footage. We aspire to have the best of local and international content to cater to the needs of Indian advertisers, publishing houses, marketing and media professionals.

Mahatta Multimedia provides its services through easy to use web portals. It undertakes to create its own or represent different platforms to cater to all kinds of creative requirements.


Mahatta Multimedia’s Initiative:

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It is an online platform for creatives and editorial clients: over 20 million images to explore with the facility of large comp size images.


It is India’s first integrated platform with the best of the world’s international microstock collections and Indian image collections at microstock prices. Explore over 40 million images.


Mahatta Multimedia Represents:


On our Shutter Stock subscription platform, subscribe once to meet your needs for publishing,printing or advertising purposes at any hour of the day.